This hanging pot rack was constructed of 1-1/2"x1/4" steel flat bar and 5/16" round bar using tenoned joinery, in which the end of a member is made smaller and passed through a hole in another member, then upset so it is larger than the hole on both sides. The hooks for hanging the utensils are removeable, so they can be added, subtracted, or moved to suit the situation. This was a custom piece. Details of joinery may be seen at right.

Details of the joinery in the corner of the pot rack at left.

This table is the companion piece to the pot rack above. It is 15" wide by 30" long, and 32" high.

This dome pot rack is about 18" in diameter. The arches that form the dome are joined with a half lap joint. The rack features 4 permanent hooks and 8 moveable hooks. $150 plus shipping.

This set includes spatula, spoon, fork, and ladle. Approximately 19" long. $135/set plus shipping.

Clients are encouraged to participate in the design of their own custom pieces. This involvement can range from general input on style preferences to submission of actual drawings. I often begin with a telephone or e-mail contact in which the client describes his or her preferences and vision of the piece, then I respond with sketches and pricing. When an agreement has been reached I then make the piece to specifications. It's a fun process, and you don't need a degree in art to design your own piece. 

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