Welcome to Bluebird Forge

Bluebird Forge is a one man blacksmith shop located in Onalaska, Texas, which is on Lake Livingston between Huntsville and Livingston. It is owned and operated by Tom Lundquist. I have been blacksmithing for over 40 years. I started out as a hobbyist, and decided to go to full time smithing in 1991 after helping my brother, Paul Lundquist, forge the hardware for the movie, Last of the Mohicans. I am a member of the East Texas Blacksmith Alliance and also the Artist Blacksmiths' Association of North America, also known as ABANA.

In 1999 I was among a group of Texas blacksmiths who forged and donated hardware to the Barrington Farm project at Washington-on-the-Brazos State Park. Barrington was the homestead of Anson Jones, who was the last President of the Republic of Texas. You will find photos of Barrington as well as some examples of my other work on pages linked to the list below left.

My shop is well equipped for both primitive and modern forging and fabricating techniques.I hand forge an eclectic collection of items, from small gift items to furniture and housewares, to architectural elements such as railings, gates, chandeliers, and fireplace screens. Commissions are welcome. I also offer lessons for both beginners and intermediate smiths. Please email me for details.

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Dinner bells
Fireplace Screen
Coachlight Chandelier

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