This chandelier was a custom order placed by a building contractor in Brenham, Texas. The architect provided a basic drawing. I then studied the drawing and made some suggestions for changes I thought were appropriate. Once we had come to an agreement on what was wanted and needed, I began to build the piece. It took about one month to build. The photo was taken in my shop, and was the first time the entire project had been assembled.

This is a large piece. The bottom ring is 66" in diameter, and the top ring is 48" in diameter. The distance from the top of the top ring to the top of the bottom ring is 28", as is the distance from the top of the top ring to the plate where the connecting rods meet. Not pictured is the top mounting plate and approximately 13' of 3/8" chain from which the chandelier will hang. The contractor's electrician was assigned to wire the piece. The lights will be electric "candles" about 4" high. The entire piece weighs around 300 pounds. Each ring is constructed from 7 separate pieces, and the entire project includes more than 300 pieces.

Here are 2 photos of the chandelier after installation.

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