Fireplace Screen

This fireplace screen was designed and built with input from the client. It is in a new home in Houston, Texas. The fireplace is constructed of Texas white limestone, and the client wanted something unique and organic in design. I had shown her a forged dragonfly during our initial meeting, and both she and her small daughter loved it; so we decided that there would be some small wildlife included in the piece. I made a set of matching tools for tending the fire; with a hole punched in each cattail handle which hangs on the tail of a dragonfly on the stand.

Another view of the screen before it was installed.

The lower left corner of the screen showing detail of
the leaves and hinges.

These snails are the door handles. They are offset
slightly so either door may be opened first.

Closeup view of the dragonfly.

Closeup view of the butterfly.

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