Coachlight Chandelier

This chandelier was a custom order placed by a client in Houston, Texas. It hangs in the stairwell between the entry hall and the living room. She provided a photo of a fixture she liked. I then studied the photo and made some suggestions for changes I thought were appropriate. The original was more ornate, but did not suit the client's home. Once we had come to an agreement on what was wanted and needed, I began to build the piece. It took about 3 weeks to build. The first photos were taken at my shop the day it was completed.
The piece is about 24" across the points at the top and is about 43" from the top of the ring to the bottom of the scrolls. It weighs about 80 pounds. I got the special glass from a stained glass artist friend.

Here is a detail of the top frieze. The larger twisted iron is 3/8" square. The smaller is 1/4" square. The scrolled vine motif was done on a rolling mill.

This is a detail of the crown at the top of the piece. The wiring is hidden inside the tube in the center.

Here is a view of the chandelier after installation, taken from the ground floor. The ceiling is about 20 feet above the floor.

This view shows the chandelier as viewed from the stairway landing.

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